Stop By & Get Your Documents Notarized.

Debbie’s Accounting Service offers reliable and professional Notary Public services to individuals and businesses in need of official document verification and authentication. We keep an experienced Notary Public on staff to ensure that your documents are properly notarized.

Document Notarization

Our in-house licensed Notary Public is authorized to witness and authenticate the signing of various legal documents. Whether you need to notarize affidavits, contracts, deeds, or other important documents, we can help. Our attention to detail ensures that your documents are properly executed and legally binding.

Certified Copies

In addition to notarization services, we provide certified copies of original documents. Whether you need certified copies of birth certificates, passports, or other vital records, we ensure that each copy is accurately reproduced and properly certified. Our certified copies are accepted for various legal and official purposes.

Make an Appointment with Our Notary

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